Cau Lau topped with crispy pork skin

If you have ever been to Hoi An you will know that one of their signature breakfast dishes is cau lau. It has many variations but in its basis is a coarse brown noodle with bean sprouts, some greens and roast pork and finished with a sparing amount of a light sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. This author thinks an extra serve of crushed peanuts is a must.

Noodle sheets being steamed. They are then sliced to make the noodles.

There are very few places that this dish is available in Nha Trang but the best is from Mi Quang Nam Hong Bang in Hong Bang street. Cau Lau from this little place would rate as one of my favorite breakfasts in Nhat Trang.

Mi Quang is also on the menu

Do yourself a favour and give it a try. A large cau lau is 35,000 dong a bowl and a regular is 30,000 a bowl.



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