A small beach at Sung Dung

Xuang Dung is the first beach in a series of articles on the many beautiful beaches that are only a day trip from the city of Nha Trang. Xuan Dung is pronounced like soong doong.

Xuang Dung is located on the shores of the beautiful Van Phong bay. It is an easy 2 hour motorbike ride north of Nha Trang. The ride will take you through the fishing town of Nin Hoa about one hour north of Nha Trang. From there about half an hour later is the town of Vang Gia.  Another 20 minutes and you are at Xung Dung. There is no public transport that will take you all the way to the best beaches.

A local house on the beach

Xung Dung is a small village based on fish and lobster farming. Some families have setup small restaurants on the beach selling fresh seafood and beer. It is usually very quite here with the exception of vietnamese holidays.

A local with his barge

If you like the quiet mid week would be the best time to have most of the best areas to yourself. Plan to get there early and take advantage of having most of the day there.

Overlooking the village with fish farms in the background


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